Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
This years Bob's Lake gang on the
deck at Cedar Haven Cottages
It was another good year at Bob's Lake this year while staying at Cedar Haven Cottages.
This week was a very hot one this time with one good storm during the week to break up
the weather a bit.  Lots of good fishing and relaxing as usual!  Still missing all of the family
and friends who made these times so much fun through the years and couldn't be with us.
Tom caught this big pike in the thick
weeds tossing a topwater lure.
Mike got this fat largemouth also
fishing on the surface.
Mark with a nice pike while out fishing in the evening.
Liz with a big largemouth on her
first trip up to Bob's Lake!
Dave with a nice bass that
fell for his spinner!
You have to love the yearly trip to Wheelers Pancake House!
Nothing like some freshly caught bluegills for Mike's Canadian Fish Fry !
A nice smallmouth bass for Mark!
Tom and Mike out for a swim!
Tom showing how to catch some of the lakes
chunky largemouth before the rain came.
Mike's spinnerbait is what this largemouth wanted!
Liz showed her Dad how smallmouth fishing is done!
Dave with a bass he caught
along the east buoy drift.
Madeline getting some time out on the deck.
Mike, Mark and Tom after a long week on the lake.
Some more pics from the week!
August 2018
Bob's Lake, Ontario