Mike and Hoagy
Bob's Lake, Ontario
edar Haven Cottages Sept 2018
So Mike and Hoagy decided to try a fall trip together to Bobs Lake.  They were greeted at Cedar
Haven Cottages by some quite cool fall weather for the first few days and then the temps went back
to the 80's.  Pike fishing was good throughout the week with the larger fish preferring the cooler
early week. As it warmed again up the bass fishing got a lot better with lots of nicer sized fish
being caught.   Fall time is always a fun time on the lake!
Mike and Hoagy with their best largemouth bass of the week.
Here's a couple of the nice pike
that Mike and Hoagy were
catching during the week!
Mike has way to much stuff to
carry down to the boat.
Hoagy casting for pike!  Little did he know here that in
a few minutes he would cast behind the island in front
of him and have a huge pike follow his lure to the boat!
Hoagy on the dock before we head out on an afternoon trip.
Mike with a fat bass that fell for his spinnerbait.
Mike with an early evening smally.
During the calm of midday, Hoagy still caught some nice bass.
This pike liked Hoagy's red & white silver minnow!
Strange...Hoagy caught a
pike with NO Teeth!
Mike and Hoagy celebrating their last night on the lake with their cabin
neighbors Bill and Tom, who are celebrating their first night on the lake!  
Hope they had as great a week like we did!
Sunset before the storm, September 9, 2018!